About Me

"When did you develop the ability to connect with the other side?" A question I get asked quite a lot, and the thing is that right since being a little girl I have been seeing, hearing and connecting with spirit. It seems fitting in that case, that my parents named me after Samantha from the 1960’s sitcom Bewitched!



At 16 I received my first set of tarot cards and as if it was the path I should have always walked, I knew how to interpret them – without the need for any instructions. This was me.



A few years later I suffered an awful loss in the form of a miscarriage, something I found hard to heal from, I threw myself into work – including a new path in the form of TV but continued to work on healing myself and others with the practise of Reiki. It was after years of healing I fell pregnant with my very own Angel.



Becoming a mother gave me a whole new purpose, a whole new reason to heal, to practise what I loved and create a lifestyle that meant I could be around for her as much as possible too. It was then that I enrolled in college to begin my holistic therapy training. At the same time I was living in an extremely toxic relationship with domestic violence being the main theme of our time together, I was only able to leave with the support of The Angels who supported me in one of the darkest days. They showed me the light and I walked away with my head held high. 



Wellbeing to me is not just about ‘being’ but to be a ‘well being’ we must prioritise, protect and care for ourselves, mentally physically and soulfully. It was important for me to combine all of my experiences, training and of course my gift to be able to support others in becoming a 'well being' far and wide. With the help of your Angel, your Spirit guides and the Goddess herself I am able to help guide you to heal, protect and care for yourself.



More recently, I have embarked on the path to becoming a Priestess.

I am Priestess of Avalon, a Priestess of Glastonbury and a Priestess of Goddess Temple Liverpool, I work with the wheel of the year, with cycles of nature, the moon, solar and seasons.